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The well-endowed black man is by many seen as a myth but prostitutes and gays confirm that black penises are the largest, Asian …

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Tweet Census data reveal that the interracial marriage rate of black women (and mainly white men) has only modestly increased from 1% in 1970 to 4.1% in 2000.

The Color of Crime – “Blacks are statistically 50 times more likely to attack whites than vice versa” Google search for “Black on White crime”

viii BLACK SKIN, WHITE MASKS of Nazi Germany. While serving in the military, Fanon experienced racism on a daily basis. In France, he noticed that French women avoided black soldiers who were sacrifi cing their lives to liberate

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Taye Diggs recently used an appearance on Van Lathan’s The Red Pill Podcast to give his bizarre takes on who he will or won’t date. First, a little bit of history: Diggs was married to Rent co-star Idina Menzel, who is white, for 11 years, but he claims he used to receive a lot of criticism for being with a white woman instead of a black woman.

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This is their way of “sticking it to the (white) man” and showing him that they won’t conform to their oppressive expectations and ideals.

Yale Journal of Law and Feminism. 2006 Vol. 18 No. 1. pp. 283-297. The White Man’s Burden: Gonzo Pornography and the Construction of Black Masculinity

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Why do I date white women? Black women have told me it’s because I’m a sellout. The white men who can get past the mental anguish of my black penis tarnishing "their" women think I'm making some latent admission that their race has the most attractive women.

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This is all but a requirement for black male porn actors. Interracial themed films starring tall, muscular, well-endowed black men having sex with petite white women (though casting Asian, Latina and Arabic women is not unheard of …